Cutting units for suitable excavator size

  • less then 10 tons
  • 10 - 30 tons
  • 30 - 50 tons

Extensive range of applications for Rockwheel cutting units



flagship series

  • Lightweight champion

    Lightweight champion

    Cutting unit with chain drive

    Drive is provided by a chain, without a gearbox and motor:
    • Ultra-lightweight
    • Ideal for use with the smalles mini excavators with an operating weight of 1-3 tons
    • Maintenance-free chain drive
    • Power: 9,5 kW


  • Strong and compact

    Strong and compact

    Cutting units with gearbox drive

    The best solution for mini excavators:
    • Transmission ratio for maximum torque
    • Optionally avaiable with a second motor for double the power
    • For use with excavators with an operating weight of 3-8 tons
    • Power: 22/44 kW


  • Robust and direct

    Robust and direct

    Cutting units with direct drive

    Robust technology with only three main components: housing, motor and cutting drums
    • Direct drive cutting units (without gearbox)
    • Saves costs and the complexity of a gear box
    • For use with excavtors with an operationg weight 8-33 tons
    • Power: 29/110 kW


  • Power and technology

    Power and technology

    Cutting units with gearbox drive

    • Twin motor technology power and optimum weight distribution
    • Solid and heavy-duty design for a long life
    • For use with excavators with an operation weight of 40-65 tons
    • Power: 140/220 kW


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